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What to do with my #highdeductibles 10 years ago?

The 1st year I had high deductible plan, I had herniated disc. This was about 10 years ago, before high deductible was even popular at all. But, wanting to save some money on health insurance, I decided to take care most things by myself. It was so painful that I thought I will become handicap. […]

#FutureShock 2: Physiotherapy Outsourced??

Originally posted on CinemaSays:
What follows are admittedly outlandish speculations (nestled specifically within the confines of Orthopedic Outpatient Physical Therapy) intended to spark questions and explorations on the many possible futures of Physical Therapy, and retrospectively consider how you and I can prepare for and adapt to the unpredictable. There will be aspects to this post…

Medicare 2012 data is out (Heat map for PT, PTA, Physical Medicine Rehab Payment)

Just did a quick dirty heat map for Physical Medicine Rehab, Physical Therapy and PTA total Medicare payment amount. The darker the color is, the more money paid by Medicare for Yr 2012. The range is from $7,045.7 to $372,018,559.07. State New York had the highest payment: $372,018,559.07; American Samoa only had only $7,045.70. How […]

Christmas Surprise, 2011…

In December 2011, I had to get on a flight back to Beijing from Minneapolis for a family emergency. From this trip, I started to learn more about stroke rehab and began to think about how to help patients with tele-rehab. Surprise: Just a couple days before Christmas, I was in the holiday mood calling […]