#FutureShock 2: Physiotherapy Outsourced??

The tide of changing care delivery is coming. Just like the tsunami, it started without much notice. But, when the tide wave reaches the land, the force is disruptive. Right now, it is just accumulating forces to reach the shore.


What follows are admittedly outlandish speculations (nestled specifically within the confines of Orthopedic Outpatient Physical Therapy) intended to spark questions and explorations on the many possible futures of Physical Therapy, and retrospectively consider how you and I can prepare for and adapt to the unpredictable. There will be aspects to this post that I have either overlooked or am unaware of, so please offer your feedback.

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is a vital component of the profession moving forward, riding waves of data-driven scientific research. The push for standardized levels and modalities of patient care via development of Clinical Prediction Rules (CPR) and Classifications of Signs/Symptoms lubricate the clinicians’ decision-making process. Again, all are important components of the profession.

What happens if we take this to levels of extreme absurdity? CPRs and Classification systems inherently implement a binary decision-making process that may not require human involvement. Imagine a world with medical technologies that employ data-driven…

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