Patients Suffered Several Years Stroke Still Have Hope!

Patients Suffered Several Years Stroke Still Have Hope!

After reading many medical journals and clinical guidelines, I confirmed my hunch about long-term and easy access of rehab. This news show the positive sign of patients that suffered 8 years stroke with treatments.

Experts at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center published a lead article in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
The study analyzed the correlation between long-term arm impairment after stroke and the size of brain lesions caused by patients’ strokes — a visual measure often used by doctors to determine rehabilitation therapy type and duration. The other study compared the efficacy of a portable robotics-assisted therapy program with a traditional program to improve arm function in patients who had experienced a stroke as long as six years ago.

“These studies were looking at two entirely different aspects of a stroke, yet they both suggest that stroke patients can indeed regain function years and years after the initial event,” said Stephen Page, PhD, OTR/L, author of both studies and associate professor of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in Ohio State’s College of Medicine. “Unfortunately, we know that this is not a message that many patients and especially their clinicians may be getting, so the patients may not be reaching their true potential for recovery.”

Reaching the true potential for recovery and full recovery are so important to stroke patients. As a family member of stroke patient, my younger brother, I know how important this is. Utilizing technology to engage stroke patient for long-term care is not just hope!


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