The 1st year I had high deductible plan, I had herniated disc. This was about 10 years ago, before high deductible was even popular at all. But, wanting to save some money on health insurance, I decided to take care most things by myself. It was so painful that I thought I will become handicap. […]

The tide of changing care delivery is coming. Just like the tsunami, it started without much notice. But, when the tide wave reaches the land, the force is disruptive. Right now, it is just accumulating forces to reach the shore.

Just did a quick dirty heat map for Physical Medicine Rehab, Physical Therapy and PTA total Medicare payment amount. The darker the color is, the more money paid by Medicare for Yr 2012. The range is from $7,045.7 to $372,018,559.07. State New York had the highest payment: $372,018,559.07; American Samoa only had only $7,045.70. How […]

Patients with chronic conditions often go in and out of emergency rooms for years without treatment because doctors are only required to treat immediately life-threatening conditions. Under the new healthcare law, patients suppose to get real treatments, but they cannot afford it either. Cuts in Hospital Subsidies Threaten Safety-Net Care

South Korean Research Shows Strong Interest in the Possibility of Telerehabilitative Services Among Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury As Samsung and Hyundai are climbing up the ladder of competition smart phone and car, South Korean once again ahead of us on the medical delivery mechanism. Korean is one of the leading Internet country in the […]

Patients Suffered Several Years Stroke Still Have Hope! After reading many medical journals and clinical guidelines, I confirmed my hunch about long-term and easy access of rehab. This news show the positive sign of patients that suffered 8 years stroke with treatments. Experts at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center published a lead article […]

In December 2011, I had to get on a flight back to Beijing from Minneapolis for a family emergency. From this trip, I started to learn more about stroke rehab and began to think about how to help patients with tele-rehab. Surprise: Just a couple days before Christmas, I was in the holiday mood calling […]